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About SK Specialty & Mediplant

Always on a Mission to Save Lives!

India’s evolving health scenario needs revitalization when addressing the questions about epidemiological transition, demographical transition, environmental changes and social determinants of health. Amidst the concerns about success, limitations and future scope of healthcare in India, what stands out is the search for solutions

Here, where public health is a multifaceted issue and a shared value across various sectors, is it medical, political, familial etc.; health system strengthening requires collective effort. Social development coupled with scientific advances and health care now assert the existence of the many Health Care Distributors who save and secure lives, daily!SK Specialty & Mediplant is one such shining star in the universe of Health Care Distribution, aiding the progress of Lifesaving Medicine in the crucial and critical areas of Health Care. SK Specialty & Mediplant focuses on innovation, care, progress and efficiency, accomplishing superior standards of Health Care in India and Always on a Mission to Save Lives!

History & Inception

Displacing Better with the Best

SK Speciality & Mediplant a dream project of the pioneers originated from the parent company Shah & Kothari Bros established in 1952. Young in its inception is now an extended arm of the SK Group. Amalgamating traditional wisdom and technology, It is unique in its approach as it welcomes fresh input of the young, and also knowledge of those experienced for years. The mantra being: Displacing Better with the Best.